About the MMHS

The Maine Military Historical Society is presently Maine’s ONLY museum dedicated solely to Maine’s military history.

The museum is for those who served, as well as those who never had the opportunity. For  the old…who remember. For the student…Who wants to know. For the young…who need to learn what Maine’s dedicated men and women have done.

The museum is a place to tell the story of all Mainers who have served their state and their nation, in its defense.

The Maine Military Historical Society membership is made up  from all walks of life. Historians, students, active duty, military retirees, soldiers, sailors, airman and marines are all represented. One way in which the Society encourages education in the history and traditions is through their Annual Heritage Tours. These tours travel to various battlefields and historical sites, where guides tell how Maine’s Military contributed.

History of the Maine Military Historical Society, Inc.

The Maine Military Historical Society, (MMHS) Inc. was formed in 1987. Founders of the Society included Veterans, Guardsmen, and Retirees. The Society was incorporated as a non-profit entity under the laws of the State of Maine and as a National Guard Holding under National Guard Regulations. It is in fact the sponsoring organization of the MMHS Museum. The two have become intertwined and inseparable.

One of the primary goals of the Society was to keep Maine’s rich military heritage in Maine after observing the sale and shipment of Maine’s military artifacts out of the State of Maine. Initially the Society was to further the preservation, collection, exhibition and education in Maine’s rich National Guard and Militia heritage. The mission statement has since been expanded to include all military branches and components, emphasizing Maine ties .

The MMHS Museum was opened in 1988 using donations from all local veterans organizations Officers’ and NCO Clubs. Within a decade the Museum had enlarged to incorporate artifacts from all branches and components of the Armed Forces of the United States with the opening of the Moinester Naval Exhibit. The Museum has since exhibited displays for minorities and women of our State and Armed Forces and has also provided satellite exhibits at the Veterans Administration, Togus, and the Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery.