Please Donate

There are many ways in which your donation can help the Maine Military Historical Society and Museum. Please consider one of the options below to support the Society and Museum in its mission to preserve Maine’s military history.

1. On-Line Donations – The next time you purchase something on line, the Museum can receive a commission on your purchase. The only catch is that you have to access the retailer through this website:

The number of businesses that are listed is sizeable and include everything from Home Depot to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble,, 1-800flowers, even ebay will donate a portion of your purchase to the Museum.


2.  A cash donation can be used in many ways to support Maine Military Historical Society programs and initiatives.  It is also tax deductible. To make a cash donation click Make a Cash Donation


3.  Do you own military artifacts or memorabilia?  Don’t know what   to do with them? Please consider donating your items to the Maine Military Historical Society where they will be cared for.  Go to  Artifact Donation and Artifact Donation FAQ for more info.     


4.  Estate planning is another way in which the Maine Military Historical Society could benefit. This could also be tax deductible. For more information, see Make a Bequest.