October 2010

Dear MMHS Members:

It is exciting to see the 2nd Edition of our newsletter hit the streets. I hope you enjoy reading this edition and are making plans to attend your annual meeting and dinner on the 23rd of this month at the Augusta Armory. We have moved to the armory in the hopes that we could increase attendance to the point the Senator Inn could not handle the size of the crowd and to try to reduce the cost to our membership. Please plan to attend and bring a friend (or two).

The past few months have been both rewarding and a little frustrating as the Society Board of Directors tries to move the MMHS forward to increase our visibility and grow our membership. As always, the museum is being toured  by many groups and often Ron is showing off our great little museum to wide-eyed youngsters. We continue to receive donations of artifacts on a regular basis and are often queried by individuals conducting research for various reasons. That is truly good news as it helps us continue our mission to keep our military heritage alive.

However, their continues to be a down side to the Society and museum’s struggles to gain ground in cataloging artifacts, maintaining our facility, and developing programs like the Heritage Tour. I hate to be the “Negative Nellie”, but without help from our members, the Society is at risk of becoming like our artifacts, “History”.

I urge each of you to help us continue our twenty year legacy of service by volunteering your time to the museum and the Society. It is disheartening to see so many great gifts given to the museum, only to have them packed away because we don’t have time to sort, catalog and display them properly.

So please, give 3 or 4 hours of your valuable time to help out. We are going to reorganize our committees and will be soliciting folks to serve. An hour or two a month is all we are asking. And….we have fun….honest!

Following this years Annual Meeting, I will be stepping down as the MMHS President, and want to thank each of you for keeping this worthwhile organization alive. I intend to stay active and in fact, am convinced I can do even more to help as a Committee Chair and Board member, once duties of President are in anothers hands. So if you are looking for a job with a really classy title, let us know you want to be the next President 😉

Living the Dream

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