October 2011 Newsletter

Dear MMHS Members: I hope everyone had a great summer.

This is the time of year where the historical society ends the theme for the previous year and begins the theme for the upcoming year.

As we close out  “the year of the 103rd Infantry Regiment”, we can be proud of our efforts to capture the history of this unit and the recognition ceremony that was held for living veterans and their families and the families of veterans no longer with us.  We will continue to preserve their history.

This year’s theme will focus on “revitalizing the museum”.  This means we will focus on updating displays, cataloging, photographing and storage of our collections. To support this effort we have begun volunteer day which takes place every other Wednesday. Go to calendar of events on our website to sign up or to find out more information.

This year’s Annual Meeting will take place on Oct 22 at the Augusta Armory. Unlike past years, this will be a business meeting with no dinner.  The reason for this format is that it takes a large effort to put on the annual dinner, and with so few people assisting in putting on events for the historical society, it seems to always fall on the same few people. So until we have more help with events, we will curtail some of what we do. If the annual dinner is an important event to you and you want it to continue in future years, let us know.  

At the close of each newsletter I usually ask for a donation of your time to help us out. One of the areas where we could really use your help is that of serving on one of our committees. Please ask us about our committees and what they do. 


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